Wessex Digital Infrastructure Accelerator

Working to improve
mobile connectivity in rural communities


Wessex DIA (Wessex Digital Infrastructure Accelerator) is a £500,000 government funded pilot aimed at understanding how digital asset management platforms can play a part in encouraging the rollout of critical telecommunications infrastructure in rural areas. By mapping different types of publicly owned assets and coverage data, we are hoping to prove that the management of these platforms by a Local Authority can benefit people that live and work in Dorset as well as the telecommunications companies and the Council. Wessex DIA will work in partnership with a number of the UK’s leading mobile network deployment specialists to produce a “joined up” proof of concept for an asset portal.

5G radio gear

This pilot project aims to show that the process is efficient, manageable and benefits all parties. In doing so we will get a better understanding of:

• what assets exist and where
• the economic benefits and revenue streams achievable with an asset management system
• how such systems can make infrastructure rollout more sustainable
• how an asset portal could speed up infrastructure rollout and make it more cost effective
Dorset Council already has a very strong relationship with DCMS following the highly successful 5G RuralDorset project. It has also established itself as a leader in digital transformation amongst other rural local authorities in the UK. Furthermore Dorset Council has very strong relationships with key suppliers necessary to run a digital asset management platform.

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